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  • переделать into indirect speech 1.if you don't mind, I'd like to know a little more about why you want to change your position," the personnel manager said to eric 2.i do not reallt know what i wantto major in aan said. 3. The professor explained to the students, "You have two options in a research You can either take a final examination or you can write paper instead. 4. "David has so many people in our room all time that I can't study, said Bill to the head resident. 5. "I'm sorry for being late said Larry to the professor. "The traffic is really bad today." 6.Here's a prescription for your allergy," said the doctor "This medicine will help your sneezing and itching eyes." 7. "Generally speaking, the price of the cruise depends on the s location of the cabin," Mr Morrison said. "The bigger the cabin the higher the price 8. "The flight's been delayed for at least an hour," the girlsaid. "There's been a bad snow storm in Denver 9. My brother-in-law said, "The auto plants are hiring but you have to belong to the union. 10. "Money isn't everything, of course, but I'd like to make enough to have a place of my own, a small car, and things like that," said Sarah.11. I've already booked two seats by phone. They are in the front stall, said my friend 12. "When my dad realized that I was quite gifted, he paid for the les- sons," said Martin 13. "Their leading goalie isseriously injured and won't be in good shape said Nick.