помогите пожалуйста с заданием

  • Butterflies
    Butterflies 0…are… beautiful insects. People enjoy looking at butterflies because of the lovely colours on 1 … … wings. In busy cities, it is difficult 2… … butterflies to find a nice place to live, but we can plant flowers that butterflies 3… … in our parks and gardens. At night, or 4… … bad weather, butterflies hide under leaves or sleep in small spaces 5… … rocks. Some butterflies 6… … eat one kind of plant. This is called a ‘food plant’. A butterfly’s colours are 7… … the same as its food plant, so it can hide well. This is important 8… … animals like birds, bats and spiders eat butterflies. You can see 9… … different kinds of butterflies at a butterfly farm. The butterfly farmer looks after butterflies there to show them to other people, and to sell them. Some butterflies are big but the 10… … butterfly in the world looks like a fly.
    0 is / are / be​​​​1 their /every / this​​​2 by / off / for
    3 likes / liking / like​​​4 during /until /past​​​5 before /between / down
    6 only /once / ever​​​7 often /next / soon​​​8 or / because / but
    9 each / another /many​​10 smallest / smaller / small

  • Their, for,like, during, between, only,often, because, many,smallest