Проверьте, пожалуйста, форму глагола

  • 1. My husband __is__ in London at the moment. He __is staying__ at the Savoy Hotel. He normally stays there when he is in London.
    2.My boss is a very quiet person, but yesterday he __lost__ his patience.
    3. I __was working__ in the garden after breakfast, when the postman rang the doorbell.
    4.I __have__ three jobs since I __left__ school.
    5.Last year my parents __stayed__ at home during their holidays.
    6. My mother __hasn’t smoked__ for two months.

  • 4 I have had three jobs... остальное-хорошо.

  • объясните пожалуйста 6 предложение?

  • Мать не курит уже два месяца