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  • Здравствуйте, сложный вопрос, не уверен, что вы сможете мне ответить, но мне нужно понять, что такое "roto-rooter" surgery. Не понимаю, что такое рото руттер. Часто встречаю в английских мед. изданиях, но так и не понял.

  • Внимательно почитайте приводимую информацию. Думаю, она поможет вам понять, что такое ТРАНСУРЕТАЛЬНАЯ РЕЗЕКЦИЯ ПРОСТАТЫ. Если вы поймете, о чем идет речь, то специалист тем более поймет. В крайнем случае, если вам будет что-то неясно из приведенного ниже, обратитесь за помощью к специалисту.

    First Name: Harold

    Message: After reading the all information above I am going to visit your web-site regularly, buy the book AND tell all my friends! I never before read such common sense truth with regard to health care, doctors etc.

    I just had a procedure done called a Cystoscopy! It was horrible! I was told it would be easy, painless and after it was over I could go back to doing what I normally do! I went back to work afterward. No pain meds, no anti-biotics, NOTHING.

    By the the time night came I felt like everytime I had to urinate which was frequently, I had a blow torch in my penis!!! AND, prior to the prosedure I had to sign a disclaimer telling me that the doctor and procedure was NOT responsible if something (Which could very well happen) went wrong!!!

    That experience was the worst thing that ever happened to me! Then he sits there and tells me "the only option I have is to have some Roto Rooter surgery thing!!! I'm afraid of these people. Honest to God I'm afraid! I served in Vietnam and I was not afraid!!! But these guys scare me. Your disclaimer narrative above has really opened my eyes.

    Patient testimonial after "roto rooter" or TURP (transurethral resection of prostate). Surgery was performed by Dr. John C. Lin of Sunrise Urology in Gilbert, Arizona.