Проверьте, пожалуйста, правильно ли выполнено задание.

  • 2. Fill in: repair, congests, switch, rubbish, glass, banned, packed, campaign, emissions, extinction.

    2.1. One man,s rubbish is another man,s treasure.
    2.2. We shouldn,t throw away plastic, paper, aluminium, and glass. They cam all be recycled.
    2.3. Try to repair your stereo before you buy a new one.
    2.4. I always take a packed lunch to school.
    2.5. I,ve started a recycling campaign at school.
    2.6. We have to find ways to decrease carbon dioxide emissions.
    2.7. Modern transport congests our city centres.
    2.8. Many wild animals are in danger of extinction.
    2.9. Keeping exotic pets should be totally banned .
    2.10. We can save energy if we switch off lights when we leave a room.

  • All correct.