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  • We can chat every day with WhatsApp. Every day new topics for every personal level of english. Each person can be added to the group. Invite your friends to improve and maintain your language level! IT'S A REAL WHATSAPP GROUP. Write your mobile numbers with WhatsApp registration below.
    Welcome to our Group, Hope you all Enjoy in this group.
    RULES of our Group :
    1. Speak English.
    2. No fake.
    3. No Racial Discrimination
    4. No bad words/comments/posts.
    5. No fighting/arguments.
    6. No advertisement/product sale.
    7. No grin jokes/pics/posts.
    8. No nude photos/posts.
    9. No political discussion.
    10. Don't interfere in anyone's personal affair and relationship.
    11. Never try to degrade anyone.
    12. Always respect each other.
    13. Respect creators and all admins.
    14. If any problem or issue feel free to tell creator or admins.
    These are few rules which everyone must follow to enjoy in group.
    our Main Objective here to promote purely Learning English and relationship within the Globe.

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