Помогите решить тест.

  • Приветствую! Помогите решить тест, в особенности не понятны задания 3 и 4.
    1) Tense revision. Put the verb in brackets in the correct tense, Present Perfect or Past simple
    1. What (do) today? I (work) on my project. I (search) the web for cities on digital cameras.
    2. (find) any good ones? I (find) several company sites – Sony, canon, … but I (want) one which (compare) all the models.
    3. Which search engine (use)? Dogpile mostly. (Ever use) it?
    4. Yes, I (try) it but I (have) more luck with Ask Jeeves. Why don’t you try it? I (have) enough for one night. I (spend) hours on that project
    5. I (not start) on mine yet. Yeh? I bet you (do) it all.
    2) Verb patterns. Put the correct form of the verb in brackets.
    1. The help facility enables users (get) advice on most faster.
    2. Adding more memory lets your computer (work) faster.
    3. The shift key allows you (type) in upper case.
    4. The stickykeys feature helps disabled people (operate) two keys simultaneously.
    5. ALT+TAB allows you (switch) between programs.
    3) Passive. Convert each of these statements to the Present passive.
    1. The first unit records the time each vehicle passes.
    2. It identifies each vehicle by its number plates using OCR software
    3. The microprocessor calculates the time taken to travel between the units.
    4. A computer matches each vehicle with the DVLC database.
    5. It prints off a letter to the vehicle owners using mailmerge.
    4) Participle 1 or Participle 2. Complete these definitions with the correct participle of the verb given in brackets (handle, store, comprise, use, share, direct)
    1. A bridge is a hardware and software combination ___ to connect the same type of networks.
    2. A server is a powerful computer _____ many programs ___ by all the clients in the network.
    3. A backbone is a network transmission path _____ major data traffic.
    4. A router is a special computer ___ messages when several networks are linked.
    5. A thin client is a simple computer ____ a processor and memory, display, keyboard and hard device only.
    5) Make if-sentences matching the actions in column 1 with appropriate effects column:
    1 You press Print screen 2 you may lose data
    1 You added more memory 2 you would find more relevant results
    1 You used a better search engine 2 you can drag it across the screen
    1 You forget to save regularly 2 you can make a copy of the screen
    1 You hold down the mouse button over an icon 2 you would have more space at your desk
    Предлагайте свои варианты ответов, обсудим.

  • Чтобы сделать эти задания (4 и 5), надо знать. оч ем идет речь.
    Если вы компьютерщик. дай те русские варианты. Особенно это относится к пункту 5.
    Если нет, то пусть опытный специалист подскажет вам, о чем идет речь, чтобы не было гадания на кофейной гуще. Остальное---дело техники.