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  • VII. Translate the following paragraph into Ukrainain in writing:
    Economists classify markets according to conditions that prevail in them. They ask questions like the following: How many supplies are there? How large are they? Do they have any influence over price? How much competition is there between firms? What kind of economic product is involved? Are all firms in the market selling exactly the same product, or simply similar one? Is it easy or difficult for new firms to enter the market? The answer to these questions helps to determine market structure, or the nature and degree of competition among firms operating in the same market. For example, one market may be highly competitive because a large number of firms produce similar products. Another may be less competitive because of fewer firms, or because the products made by each are different or unique. Markets can be classified according to certain structural characteristics that are shared by most firms in the market.

    VIII. Translate the following sentences into English in writing:
    1. Якщо б він вчився краще, він став би фінансистом. (в минулому)
    2. Ви, напевно, дуже економні.
    3. Економічна система країни, зазвичай, називається національною економікою.
    4. Якщо ви працюватимете разом, ви, можливо, закінчите цю роботу швидше.
    5. Не всі економічні системи в світі однакові.