2 задания по тексту

  • 1) Задать 5 типов вопросов к тексту (альтернативный, общий, специальный, к подлежащему, разделительный)
    2) найти в этом тексте все сказуемые в Present Sipmle и модальные глаголы:

    Goodbye to stress.
    Let’s start witha simple statement of fact. Presentations are not stressful. Onlypresenters make presentations stressful. So let’s get rid of negative thinking and re-invent how we experience presentations.
    What we sometimes call stress is actually better called excitement. It’s a naturaland very positive reaction by the body to produce adrenalin when faced with achallenge in order to sharpen the senses. If you aren’t feeling excited, you aren’tprepared, so recognise the feeling and be grateful for it. Your body is preparing you physically and mentally to perform well.
    There is a simple technique to really stress yourself the next time you present. Allyou have to do is decide that the quality of your presentation must be 110% andthat you don’t have the competence to reach even 70%.
    Presenters set themselves unrealistic expectations. They think I have to speak like a
    native speaker, I have to make everyone laugh, I have to make people like me, I have to make people think I am the leading expert in this field. Added to this,peoplehugely under-estimate their own capacity to deliver. They fail to see their ownknowledge, their own expertise, their own value to the audience and the valuethe audience sees in them. Get real! You are competent and you can do a goodenough job.
    And remember: your English is good enough. Nonnative speakers are often far more effective international speakers than many native speakers. Effective communication is not only a linguistic issue. Force of personality, technical expertise and general clarity of communication style are often far more important.
    Some positive thoughts to include:
    — I ’ve got something useful to say.
    — I can actually do this quite well.
    — This is just a conversation with a few friends.
    — The audience must be really interested or they wouldn’t have come.
    — This audience respects me.
    — I’m not perfect, and I don’t have to be.
    — This presentation will be great practice. I’ll be even better next time after this.

    заранее большое спасибо!

  • are not, make , experience , call , is called, is, aren’t prepared, is, present, don’t have, set , think , underestimate, fail , sees, are , is , are , is not, are .

    have to do, must , have to speak, have to make , have to make, have to make, can .

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  • второй абзац- это модальные глаголы?
    а первый- это сказуемые в PS, да?

  • Разве во втором абзаце есть модальные глаголы?

    are not, make , experience---Все взяты из первого абзаца, и все они в презент индефинит.

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  • спасибо за помощь, разобралась!