• Помогите пожалуйста с тестами. Ответ пишите так 1 А, где цифра номер опроса а буква ответ.

    1. The microstructure of a metal refers to its crystal or grain structure as shown through examination of etched and polished surfaces under a microscope. Metals whose microstructures are similar have like machining properties. But there can be variations in the microstructure of the same workpiece that will affect 2 _____.

    Выберите один ответ:
    a. formability
    b. machinability
    c. workability
    d. capability Неверно

    2. This particular property is an indicator of the rate at which a material will 6 ___when subjected to an external force.

    Выберите один ответ:
    a. impact
    b. select
    c. rotate Неверно
    d. deflect

    3.Conductors tend to transfer heat from a hot or cold object at a high rate, while insulators impede the flow of heat. Thermal conductivity is a measure of how 9 _____ a material transfers heat.

    Выберите один ответ:

    a. efficiently
    b. carefully
    c. conveniently
    d. consecutively

    4 . Therefore, a material that has a relatively 10 ___ thermal conductivity would be considered a conductor, while one with a relatively low level would be regarded as an insulator.

    Выберите один ответ:

    a. wide
    b. deep
    c. high
    d. low

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