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  • 1. New York is the largest city of the USA. It is a national leader in business, finance, manufacturing, communications, service industries, fashion and arts.
    2. As you walk about New York, you will get much information about history, geography and literature.
    3. The heart of the city is Manhattan, a rocky island, 13 miles large and 2 miles wide. Manhattan is the business centre of the nation. The average New Yorker works in an office in Manhattan.
    4. As the financial headquarters of the capitalist world, New York is the home of some of the world's largest corporations and the New York and American stock exchanges. Wall Street symbolizes the money-market and financiers of the U.S.A.
    5. There are many places of interest in New York. One of them is Empire State Building (102 stories). Another place of interest is Metropolitan Museum of Art. This collection covers 5000 years and ranges geographically through Egypt, Greece, Rome, the Near and Far East.
    6. Broadway is a place where most theatres are located. It is famous for its night clubs, cafes, restaurants, hotels and shops.
    7. The United Nations Headquarter occupies a six-block area from 42nd to 48th Streets and from First Avenue to the East River. The 39-storey Secretariat Building houses offices of about 5000 persons of different nationalities who form the administrative organ of the United Nations.