• 4. Выберите правильный вариант глагола в пассивном или активном залоге. Внесите букву, обозначающую правильный вариант, в лист ответов.

    16. The window was broken, and the money ...
    a) were disappeared b) was disappeared с) disappeared
    17. He never ... to people.
    a) listens b) is listened c) listen
    18.Stay here. The show will ... perfectly well from this place.
    a) see b) be seen
    19. You ... for. Go, I won't delay you.
    a) are waited b) are being waited
    20. Why ... he always ... at?
    a) is being laughed b) is laughed
    21.The fine hasn't............yet: we have no money.
    a) paid b) was c) been paid

    22. He will... in prison.
    a) is put b) put c) be put
    23. The auditors ... already ... all the necessary documents, and they can start their work.
    a) were shown b) have been shown
    24. Most books should………….
    a) have been tested b)be tested
    25.The details of the contract should ... much before signing it.
    a) have been discussed b) be discussed
    26. The police will... him sooner or later,
    a) is arrested b) be arrested c) arrest
    27. The tank ... at the moment.
    a) is filling b) is being filled