• Underline the most suitable word or phrase
    1. Sally didn’t realize that she had broken/countered/denied the law.
    2. The police have banned/cancelled/refused parking in this street.
    3. I must remember to get a /an agreement/license/permission for my television.
    4. The president admitted that there had been a breakdown of law and crime/government/order.
    5. Jim’s parents wouldn’t agree/allow/let him go to the demonstration.
    6. Jake was arrested because he had entered the country falsely/illegally/wrongly.
    7. Talking to other students is against the law/orders/rules of the examination.
    8. The two men were arrested before they could commit /make/perform any more crimes.
    9. I had to take the company to court/justice/law to get the money they owed me.
    10. Smoking is compulsory/prohibited/refused near the petrol tanks.

  • 1 broken, 2 banned, 3 4 crime,5 allow 6.illegally 7.rules 8commit, 9 court,10 prohibited

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