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  • Read the text. Make up 5 questions different types (general, alternative, special, disjunctive or tag - question)
    Many people think of a contract as a written agreement between people stating the exact details of promises they have made to each other. For example, when a farm agrees to supply fruit and vegetables to a supermarket, the two businesses will probably draw up a contract containing many clauses about what kind of goods are to be supplied, how often and in what quantities: who is to pay for transport and unpacking: what prices are to be paid, what happens if some of the vegetables arrive in a poor condition and just what is meant by poor condition, and what happens if delivery is made too late for the shop to sell the goods. The contractors will try to think of all the possible circumstances which may arise – even unlikely events such as the vegetables being stolen by a third part while they are being transported.
    Different types
    However, not all contracts are written. There are many kinds of unwritten agreements between people which the law of most countries describes as contracts. They may continue buying and selling things for years by relying on trust and common sense, and if sometimes there is a disagreement – for example, a supplier fails to deliver goods by the time he said he would – they manage to deal with the problem simply by discussion. However, if the disagreement becomes so serious that they cannot resolve it, they may decide it is necessary to take legal action. One of the most common kinds of legal action is to claim that a contract has existed and that one of them is in breach of contract (has broken the agreement). To win such an action it is necessary to show that the agreement can indeed be described as a contract.

  • 1. Wiil the contractors try to think of all the possible circumstances that may arise?
    2. Not all the contracts are written, are they?
    3. How do people manage to deal with the probnlem if there is a disagreement?
    4. Do they continue to further discuss the probelm or do they decide to take a legal action?
    5. Who thinks of a contract as a written agreement between people?