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  • Some Important Properties of Metals
    Why are metals of such importance for man’s life? The answer to this must be
    found in their characteristic properties. The most important of these is strength, which
    means that metals can withstand weight without bending and breaking. They are also
    corrosion-resistant and may assume different shapes, which distinguishes them from
    many other classes of materials. Some metals also have other special properties, two of
    which are conductivity and the property to be magnetized.
    Strength is of great importance for most industrial purposes. That is why steel is
    widely used in modern industry. We know that steel constructions are used not only for
    building ships, planes and engines but also in building industry as well as for producing
    tubes, pipes, etc. For this purpose, engineers often use special kinds of steel.
    As iron and steel are used more often than any other metal, we usually divide
    metallurgical materials into two classes: ferrous metals and non-ferrous ones.
    We know that engineers use copper and aluminium for conducting electric current
    since these metals offer less resistance to it than ferrous metals do. A copper wire offers
    less resistance to current than an aluminium wire of the same size does. But due to its
    lighter weight aluminium offers less resistance per unit of weight.

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