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    An ongoing issue is upbringing, countless articles have dedicated this issue, giving rise to comprehension of rearing process. It is claimed that parents should possess parenting courses, from my perspective, I completely agree with this proposition because of inexperience of parents.
    It seems undeniable that a majority of parents do not possess great skills and a profound experience to provide the right parenting decisions on different occasions. So parents are not confident in their solutions and frequently these are wrong. Consequently, our youngsters have stress, pressure, depression, when they are confronted by the detrimental situations or face unpredictable events, not making contribution of development of every child. Thus, by making a correct decision, adults advance child development . In order to make the right solutions, obviously, parents have to attend special parental training lessons reinforcing their knowledge, increasing productivity of contribution of child development. For instance, a child who is raised in supportive families reaches more essential results in life rather than a child with a parenting attention deficit. As a result, without a doubt, there are numerous parents without enormous skills, any experience. If the government imposes them to attend parenting classes, they would be more knowledgeable in making decisions.
    Moreover, more and more achievement are changing our daily lives, we should maintain our knowledge to be competence in applying these. Because of heavy workload, a huge proportion of parents are not able to gain knowledge of achievement , thereby, their offspring are more knowledgeable than adults, so they do not obey the parent’s rules, losing supervisor functions as a result. Instead of using ordinary approach of parenting, parents should admit new modern methods of parenting, which enhance own knowledge, broadening horizon . Therefore, parents are necessary to maintain own knowledge to be suitable to the modern world, to deserve child’s respect.
    In conclusion, it is challenging to make effective solutions without parenting foundation, hence educational process is compulsory to parents. Deserving child’s respect is significant to manage rearing.