Помогите с упражнением

  • Fill in the blanks with the proper grammar form of the verb:
    1) We wish she ... the heiress to this property (to be)
    2) It is necessary that they ... the child (to christen)
    3) I'll give you this book so that you ... it (to read)
    4) If you had prepared the speech, you ... a success at the conference (to have)
    5) If she married him, they ... happy (to be)
    6) We hoped that she ... this task (to fulfil)
    7) They knew that he ... the president for many years (to be)
    8) He said that she ... in ten days (to leave)
    9) She told him that her daughter ... a painter (to be)
    10) They were sorry that she ... the job long before (to lose)

  • Would be, should christen, could read, would have been, would be, would fulfil, had been, would leave, was/would be /had been, had lost.