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  • Courts believe that competitive pricing will prevent vendors from
    charging too much interest when they extend credit. It is the seller's right to
    determine how to reduce the time price to encourage consumers to pay cash forgoods.
    Some courts have found since 1970, however, that these principles have no
    application to revolving charge accounts because department stores do not chargeconsumers less for paying for items in cash. There is one uniform purchase price,regardless of whether the sale is a credit or cash transaction. Both finance charges and tax are computed on the basis of the cash price.
    In cases where courts have indicated that state usury laws must necessarily be applied in the vendor credit extended through revolving charge account customers, state legislatures have enacted statutes to increase the legal rate of interest that may be charged on such accounts. Most consumer credit cannot exist within the usury law limits; therefore, the pattern has been to enact laws that permit special higher finance rates for vendor credit to consumers