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  • Ex. 15. Recast the following sentences so as to use the infinitive in the function of the attribute. Model: I have only a few minutes that I can spare.—> I have only a few minutes to spare.
    1. Who was the last person that arrived before me? 2. This is not the way how7 you should ask for something. 3. We had no alternative that we could choose. 4. There w^as nobody who could explain it to those people. 5. There is nobody to whom we could turn for advice. 6. Where is the packet that should be taken to the post-office? 7. Mr. Palmer is the only man to whom you can talk about this matter. 8. I need a pen with which I could write. 9. I have got a lot of friends to whom I could turn for help. 10. This is a nice place where j one can sit and watch the busy traffic. 11. He is not a man. who would ignore the views of his colleagues. 12. He is a very charming person with whom one can spend a nice evening. 13. He was the third that had invited me to the party. 14. He is not a man who would make fun of it. 15. You would have to know the address to which we could send it. 16. He felt that was the opportunity which he shouldn't miss. 17. He bought himself brown shoes and a tie which would match it. 18. Her opinion was not one that could be neglected. 19. The gardeners were picking fruit which they could send to the market.
    Ex. 16. Combine the sentences so as to use the infinitive.
    Model I: Mr. Simpson is very old. He can't work.—> Mr. Simpson is too old to work.
    Model II: My cousin plays the violin well. He can give a concert.—> My cousin plays the violin well enough to give a concert.
    Model III: The apple you gave me is so sour. I can't eat it.—> The apple you gave me is too sour for me to eat.
    1. She is still young. She can't travel to London alone. 2. John doesn't earn much. He can't buy it. 3. He was very late. He didn't catch the 12:30 train. 4. I can see you aren't clever. You can't do these calculations in your head. 5. You don't know the poem well. You can't recite it in front of the class tomorrow. 6. He was very far. He couldn't see what they were doing. 7. The water in the lake is very cold. I can't bathe. 8. You are very quick. You can easily catch up with the group. 9. You don't understand it. You" are too young. 10. You are clever. You can answer any question. 11. The .weather is warm. We can go out. 12. This tea is too hot. I can't drink it. 13. You were too angry. You couldn't speak. 14. It is so foggy today. I can't drive the car there. 15. My cousin plays the piano very well. He can perform at a concert. 16. He has recovered. He can attend classes. 17. You work very slowly. You can't catch up with us. 18. He is strong enough. He can climb up this mountain.

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