Помогите пожалуйста с английский! СРОЧНО.

  • Раскройте скобки , употребляя глаголы в Present Continuous.(NOW) It (not to rain) any more, it (to clear) up and the sun (to shine).The jazz band (to play) in the park.A lot of people (to listen) to the music and they really (to have) a good time.But they (not to dance) yet.There is a coffee shop there.Only seven people (to sit) there, and only five people (to wait) in the queue.Some people (to have) sandwiches and (to drink) coffee, tea or fruit juices.Boys and girls over there (to laugh) and (to make) a lot of noise.They (to play) games and Tom (to take) pictures.So what (to go) on?

  • I am +ing form
    You are + ing form
    He,she, it is + ing form.
    We,you, they are +ing form
    NOW) It (not to rain) is not raining any more, it (to clear)is clearing up and the sun (to shine).is shining.

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