Видо-временная форма и залог

  • 1. My colleagues will be pleased to meet you to discuss the courses
    which interest you.
    2. Students are offered a chance to participate in various sporting
    3. A new course in mathematics will have been developed by June.
    4. The 800-th anniversary of Cambridge University was marked with a
    variety of events throughout the year.
    5. Two Open Days have been arranged this year to help you make your

  • Прочитайте про страдательный залог. Глагол be +3 form. Время определяется по глаголу be .залог везде passive, таблицу времен я недавно писала в ответе, перекопируйте себе. Глаголы умеете находить?
    Например 5 have been arranged ---have been---present perfect(have+3form)+3 form arranged passive. Итого present perfect passive.

  • pres ind active 1 форма +s,es после he, she, it
    Pres cont am, is, are+ing форма
    Pres perf have, has +3 форма
    Pres perf cont have, has been + ing
    Past ind 2 форма(вопросы и отриц did, didn't +1 форма )
    Past cont was,were +ing
    Past perf.had +3 форма.
    Past perf cont had been +ing
    Future ind will +1 форма
    Future cont will be +ing
    Future perf will have +3 форма
    Future perf cont will have been +3 форма.

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  • Спасибо! Проверьте, пожалуйста, правильно ли сделала:
    1. Future Simple, Passive voice
    2. Present simple, Passive voice
    3. Future perfect, Passive voice
    4. Past Simple, Passive voice
    5. Present perfect, Passive voice

  • Все правильно.