Помощь с решение контрольной

  • 1. Do as you are told and say what you have done.
    Model: Open your book. - I have opened my book.
    1. Clean the blackboard. 2. Chose your book. 3. Put your pen on the table. 4. Bring your daybook. 5. 0pen the door 6. Write the word "table" on the blackboard. 7. Show me note-book. 8. Put your pencil into your bag. 9. Take your English book out of your bag. 10. Come up to the table.

    2. Use the affirmative form of the Present Perfect instead of the negative form of the Present Continuous.
    Model: I am not reading the book, - I have read the book.
    1. The teacher is not explaining the rule. 2. Mother is not cooking dinner. 3. I am not doing my homework. 4. The not washing his hands. 5: We are not having breakfast. Tom is not painting the fence, 7. I am not cleaning my teeth. 8. The girl is not learning the poem. 9, I am not mending my socks, 10. The ehildren are not drinking milk.

  • У вас образцы даны. Делайте точно так же.

  • I have cleaned the blackboard. I have chosen my book.
    We haven't had breakfast. The children haven't drunk milk.