Поставить правильное время

  • Буду очень благодарна за помощь!)
    We 1) _________ (visit) the Marple Hotel in July 2002, when we 2) _______(decide) that we would not feature the hotel in our brochure. There 3) __________ (be) a number of reasons for this: the rooms 4) ________ (need) upgrading, we 5) _______ (feel) that the stan­dard of service 6) _______(not/be) good enough, and the hotel 7) __________ (not seem) to be well managed.
    However, a great deal 8)_________ (change) since 2002, and the hotel is now under new management. They 9) _________ (redecorate) all the rooms and they 10) ___________ (make) the restaurant much more comfortable and attractive.
    They 11) ____________ (also/build) a new pool. They 12) ________ (start) work on a new extension which1 should be complete by April next year, and this will bring the number of available rooms to 200. The new manager 13) __________ (introduce) an incentive scheme for the staff, 14) (increase) salaries, and 15) _________(send) a number of employees on training courses, and as a result the level of service 16) _________ (improve) a great deal.
    The restaurant is gaining a good reputation. The new chef 17) _________ (be) at the hotel for three months, and will clearly maintain high standards of cuisine. He 18) __________ (train) in Paris a few years ago, and then 19) _________ (work) at the Tour d'Argent. Since his ar­rival, he 20) _________ (create) a new menu and 21) ________ (hire) a new maitre d'hotel to train the waiters. We 22) _________ (have) a meal at-the restaurant last night and 23) ________ (think) the standards were excellent.

  • Часть первая в past simple(2 form )до however. Часть 2 --present perfect (have, has +3 form) до restaurant. Часть третья и past simple и present perfect.

  • Vusited,decided
    Has changed, have redecorated.