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    But the humor turned sour as Mr Clifford grabbed him slapped around, and threw him in the car. Mark relived this with a straight face, staring at the brown pumps of the cour reporter Clifford before he died?' 'So you were in the car with Mr Ilis Honor asked cautiously, very serious now"Yes sir. "And what did he do once he got you in the car?' He slapped me some more, yelled at me a few times threatened me.' And Mark told all that he remembered about the gun, the whiskey bottle, the pills. The small courtroom was deathly still, and the smiles were long gone. Mark's words were deliberate. His eyes avoided all others. He spoke as if in a trance. "Did he fire the gun?" Judge Roosevelt asked"Yes sir,' he answered, and told them about it. When he finished this part of the story, he waited for the next question. Harry thought about it for long minute. "Where was Ricky?' Hiding in the bushes. I saw him sneak through the weeds, and I sort of figured he'd removed the water hose again. He did, I found out later. Mr Glifford kept saying he could feel the gas, and he asked me over and over if I could feel it. I said yes, twice I think, but knew Ricky had come through. "And he didn't know about Ricky?" It was a throwaway quesuon, irrelevant, but asked because Harry couldn't think of a better one at the moment. "No sir.' Another long pause. "So you talked with Mr Clifford while you were in the car knew what was coming, as did everyone in the courtroom, so he jumped in quickly in an attempt to divert it"Yes sir. He was out of his mind, kept talking about floating off to see the Wizard of Oz, off to La La Land, then he would yell at me for crying , then he would apologize for hitting me.

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