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  • Are spousal support payments becoming too much for you to handle? You may
    be able to have these orders legally modified with the help of an attorney! You may
    have gone through the process of divorce some time ago. Circumstances change as
    time goes on, which means that the divorce agreement that worked for you initially may
    not be working for you now. Legally, there is something you can do about this.
    It is called an alimony or spousal support modification and it is a court-ordered
    change to how much will have to be paid and how much will be received by a spouse
    each month. One of the main reasons that people request a modification is because
    their financial circumstances have changed. For example, the spouse that pays the
    alimony may have lost their job or seen a significant decrease in salary.The process of modification will differ slightly from state to state, so it is best to
    consult with an attorney in your surrounding area about this process. Either individual
    can petition for a chance in alimony payments. For example, even an individual who is
    receiving spousal support can petition to have this amount increased for many of the
    same reasons why the other individual may want the payment to decrease. Many times,
    former spouses will not agree when it comes to a modification of alimony.
    The main deciding principle when it comes to modification of court orders such as
    this is a noted and provable change in circumstances. Both parties will have their needs
    evaluated by the court. This means that a decision will not be made that would
    knowingly make an individual unable to support themselves. Some divorce situations
    include what is known as a cost of living adjustment clause. This is a specific provision
    that will detail how much alimony should increase or decrease based upon the cost of
    Many times, an individual’s change in circumstances will compel them to want to
    change more than just a spousal support order. A significant change in income, for
    example, may necessitate a petition for modification of child support payments as well.
    Another major factor affecting alimony is remarriage. If the individual receiving the child
    support payments gets remarried, then that individual will then forego their right to
    continue receiving alimony from their former spouse. Circumstances differ from case to
    case. For a complete and thorough evaluation of your case and to see if you qualify for
    a change in alimony, get in touch with your local divorce attorney as soon as is possible.