Не понимаю предложение

  • Ребята, привожу весь отрывок из текста для понимания контекта. Прошу помочь понять выделенный участок.

    Humanity’s sense of morality plays an interesting dual role in violent behavior:

    Over the years, certain people like homosexuals and heretics have been killed in the name of what’s considered right and wrong. But on the other hand, our moral sense has also led to a reduction in violence, through, for example, our striving for racial equality.

    Such a duality can be best understood by looking at four themes or modes around which much of our moral behavior revolves:

    Communal sharing: Within a group or community, it is good to be loyal to the group, sharing resources and ideas. This theme promotes peace and cooperation, but unfortunately can also motivate the persecution of non-conformers, in some cases leading even to genocidal ideologies.

    Authority ranking: Authorities deserve the obedience and loyalty of the people they govern, and, in return, authorities are obliged to protect their servants. This can advance the welfare of humanity – for example, when a queen ensures the safety of her subjects. But, on the other hand, this same mode can justify more destructive hierarchies too, such as slavery.

    Equality matching, which refers to the reciprocity of humans – in other words, performing and returning favors. This mode encourages peace because it has increased global trade, discouraging  nations from conflicts that can damage their economies. However, equality matching is also a cause  of violence, as it spurs revenge.

    Finally, there’s market pricing, which concerns the impersonal transactions so prevalent today with, for example, retailers and service providers. Most people would say it’s wrong to use these services – for instance, dining at a restaurant – without paying. Like equality matching, market pricing can help maximize overall well-being but can also drive amoral profit-seeking through, for instance, slavery and human trafficking.

    Я не понимаю при чем тут рыночные отношения и фраза о том, что эти отношнния плохо использовать ? И как с этим связан обед в ресторане без оплаты?

  • А вы почитайте, что там вверху написано.

    Начните с "Such a duality can be best understood by looking at four themes or modes around which much of our moral behavior revolves":---четыре темы или типа /режима/способа, вокруг которых и вращается наше моральное/нравственное поведение.

    Communal sharing, Authority ranking, Equality matching и market pricing.

  • Чтобы ответить, надо знать что такое impersonal transaction --безличные торговые транзакции. То есть дело не в англ., там это не поясняется.