• Choose the proper modal verb from those in brackets, write the resulting sentence and translate it into Russian:

    1. Why did you stay at a hotel when you went to New York? You (should stay; could stay; could have stayed) with Barbara.

    2. I’ve lost one of my gloves. I (must drop; must have dropped; must be dropping) it somewhere.

    3. You (are better not; were better not; better not; had better not) go out without coat.

    4. “When (are ____ to; must ___ ___ ; do ______ have to; need _____ __ ) we ___ expect you?” -- “Soon after half past five.”

    5. Don’t contradict her. You (are to; have to; should; ought to) respect her old age.

    6. All the samples of new products must be ready by Friday because the exhibition (is to open; has to open; should be open; should open) on Saturday.

  • Could have stayed, must have dropped, had better not, are we to, should, is to open