Что это значит?

  • Вот отрывок из статьи из википедии.

    On 9 December 1980, McCartney followed the news that Lennon had been murdered the previous night; Lennon's death created a media frenzy around the surviving members of the band.[405] McCartney was leaving an Oxford Street recording studio that evening when he was surrounded by reporters who asked him for his reaction; he responded: "It's a drag". The press quickly criticised him for what appeared to be a superficial response.[406] He later explained, "When John was killed somebody stuck a microphone at me and said: 'What do you think about it?' I said, 'It's a dra-a-ag' and meant it with every inch of melancholy I could muster. When you put that in print it says, 'McCartney in London today when asked for a comment on his dead friend said, "It's a drag".' It seemed a very flippant comment to make."[406] He described his first exchange with Ono after the murder, and his last conversation with Lennon

    Что в данном случае сказал Маккартни когда его спросили про смерть ленона? Что означает "It's а drag"
    На мультитране у этого слова 200 значений и я не нашёл ничего такого, что подходило бы по смыслу. Он сказал "Это скукотища"?

  • Ну это известная история. Его потом обвиняли за эти слова. Но в любое слово можно вложить свой смысл. Он сказал:« Тоска-а-а!»