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  • Explain the possible ways 1)of expressing negation in sentences with CAN used in the meaning of improbability in (a) and 2) of building up special questions with CAN used for emotional colouring in (b) :
    a) 1. I was staggered by his youth. He could not have been much over thirty. 2. "They say he was her lover," replied the man. “She can never have had one," said Rosalia, with a laugh of scorn. 3. You could hardly expect Father to let you stay here under the circumstances. 4. I don't think the idea can ever have occurred to him before.
    b) 1. Who can he be? She has never had a visitor before. 2. "I think she had something to do with the book." "What can she have done?" 3. I don't understand how you can have been so nice, and then do something so cruel. 4. "Somebody drew a pair of spectacles on the face of the por- trait." "Who do you think could have done it?” 5. The young woman rose from the yellow hammock. Mary's first thought was how she could have been lying in a hammock and remained so tidy.