Помогите, пожалуйста, с текстом!

  • Read the text below. In each line there is a word that is misspelt. Rewrite the word correctly in the box at the end of each line.
    The need to watch escapist movies has it’s origins in childhood. (…) Children’s worlds are filled with the imaginery places which are (…) found in feiry stories and children’s fiction. These are places where (…) menacing giants rule, princeses ensnare their princes, flying horses (…) travelse the skies and talking animals inhabit unspoiled woods by (…) sparkling streams. Through fiction, adolescants learn to face the (…) realties of school life including the pressure of exams. However, (…) even in adulthood there’s still the yeaning to escape into other (…) worlds. The characters have changed: the princes have became film (…) idols, the flying horses high performance sports cars, talking animals (…) futuristic androids and the woods and streams alian urban (…) constructions with backgrounds off incessant noise. As people (…) are locked in the bordom of daily routine, the vision of adventure (…) witch the blockbuster movie can is vital to many. For the (…) romantic, the hero unevitably finds his soul mate; for the curious, the (…) detective will uncover the villain. Whatever the attractions of the (…) alternative worlds, it is evident that there is a strong link to that (…) childhood innocence when all things were possible and cynicism (…) had not jet touched the rainbow of our imagination and emotions. (…)