Помогите, пожалуйста, с грамматикой!

  • Fill in the gaps in the film reviews by changing the words in brackets into words that fit lexically and grammatically.
    Jurassic Park
    By extracting the blood from a … (history) mosquito preserved in amber, scientists are able to develop … (live) dinosaurs. Billionaire John Hammond masterminds an epic theme park for the dinosaurs, but before revealing his secrets to the public, he invites a small group of people to visit. Big mistake… Spielberg drew on a budget of $ 60 million for the film, creating an astonishing range of … (create) that move, breathe and attack like the real thing. Although the human characters are less convincing, it has to be said that the film is an exhilarating and often intensely … (fright) experience.
    Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves
    Opening with a man having his hand cut off in Jerusalem, this film hurtles back to England and never stops. Witchcraft, comic villains and large-scale battles fill the screen until your head aches. Kevin Costner comes over as a(n) … (sympathy) Robin, not thinking twice about putting an arrow through a colleague’s hand, and the rest of the cast are equally unconvincing. Another … (score) big budget Hollywood story.
    Heavenly Creatures
    Exploring the emotional experience that makes a murderer, New Zealand director Peter Jackson charts the true story of the two schoolgirls, Pauline and Juliet (played by Kate Winslet, outstanding in her debut film performance). Both were bright, … (image) girls who were trapped in a provincial world that was stifling them. Seeking to escape from it through the power of their imaginations, they resorted to a murder to preserve their unique universe. The … (tense) of the young actresses performances and the superbly realized fantasy sequences make this a memorable film.