Помогите, пожалуйста, правильно вставить слова с пассивным залогом

  • La Tomatina takes place each year in Bunol, a small town near Valencia in Spain. Many stories (1)_____(tell) about how it all started. One is that in 1945, a group of young people attending a festival grabbed tomatoes from a nearby market stall and started a playful food fight. They (2)_____(stop) by the police, but on the same day on August a year after that, a food battle (3)_____(fight) in Bunol again, with local people bringing tomatoes to throw at each other. In the 1950s the event (4)_____(ban), but the locals continued and (5)_____(lock) up on jail. The people of Bunol demonstrated against the ban, and finally in 1959 they (6)_____(allow) to hold the event again. However, a strict code of conduct (7)_____(introduce), controlling issues such as how the fight was to begin. Since then, the festival (8)_____(attend) by more and more people each year.

  • Пассивный залог -- это глагол to be + Participle. Я начну, а Вы продолжите:

    1. Are told
    2. Were stopped
    3. Was fought