Match the beginning and the second halves of the sentences

  • 1. America's strong demand for automobiles explains
    2. In contrast to market economies, economies with different forms of dictatorial control
    3. Big corporations are not allowed to dominate an industry or a market
    4. In some industries, such as radio, television, telephone services and some others, competition cannot be relied
    5. Resources are the things or services that are used
    6. Economics and economists play an important role at the highest levels of governments
    7. Until the middle of the 18th century, industry (in contrast to agriculture and commerce)
    8. Under capitalism, economic decision-making is decentralized a. may be called command economies.
    b. entirely through government regulation.
    с. and resources are allocated through goods and services markets.
    d. why auto workers have historically been among the highest paid workers in the world.
    e. which rely heavily on economic advisers in making the decisions about the future of the country.
    f. entirely on to produce results that are good for the society.
    g. was of little importance in the economies of Europe and America.
    h. to produce goods which can satisfy (удовлетворять) people's demands.

  • 1d