помогите пожалуйста

  • Put the verbs in brackets into the correct tense form in the Active or in the Passive.
    Each of the children (receive) a due chare to Mrs Gerhardt’s attention. The little baby closely (look) after by her.
    The front door of his house (unlock) as he (leave).
    Mrs Fripp (come) to inform her that the dinner already (serve).
    His phrase (greet) by a strange laugh from a student who (sit) near the wall.
    When the door (close), old Jolyon (drop) his paper, and (stare) long and anxiously in front of him.
    To his knowing eyes the scene below easily (explain).
    The door (shut) behind him.
    Finally, his name (call) and the boy (push) forward to her.
    Finally, he (persuade) by Bass to go away.
    At lunch nothing (discuss) but the latest news.
    “Will you work on this new job all your life?” The question (ask) with sincere interest.
    Look! There’s nothing here. Everything (take) away.