помогите с небольшим заданием

  • 1. Complete the text with the present simple or continuous form of the verb in brackets.
    People ___ (communicate) using language. But at the moment the world _____ (have) about six thousand nine hundred languages: this _____ (mean) that language often ____ (prevent) communication. To solve this problem on line, more and more people _____ (start) to use machine translation. Some people _____ (use) machine translation to read websites in a foreign language. Others ______ (translate) instant messages in order to talk to people whose language they _____ (not understand). In the past machine translation was unreliable but translation software ______ (get) better all the time and at present many companies ____ (develop) efficient portable translators.

  • _ communicate , __is___ (having ,: ___ means .____ prevents, are__ (starting . ___ use, translate, don't understand, is getting,are developing

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