Не понимаю предложение

  • Не понимаю выделенный участок.

    But, again, was it ever not this way? So much of our political thought (at least in the West) is predicated on fiction and in several cases on the demand that political leaders lie to us.

    Вот оригинал https://www.newsroom.co.nz/@future-learning/2018/11/05/307230/fake-news-the-result-of-cognitive-bias?amp=1&__twitter_impression=true

  • Наша "политическая мысль" часто основана на вымыслах, а иногда даже на потребности в том, чтобы политики обманывали нас.

  • Не могу перевести.

    Never mind that we did not hear about this when
    oil was $10 a barrel; now it’s fashionable. But there is a far
    more fundamental aspect of economics that the bulls are
    High prices provide incentives. Free markets always
    offer alternatives. Natural resource limits have never
    limited progress; they have only directed it.
    So there are both short-term and long-term forces,
    working slowly perhaps but relentlessly, against an everrising
    oil price. It is not impossible for the world to go dark
    or for people to revert to the Stone Age, but it wouldn’t
    occur because of economic forces on oil prices; it would
    occur because of politics and war, the main immediate
    forces of setback in human history.

    Тут между строк могли запихнуть, что ценами рулят внутренние причины (иррациональные, психологические).