Как это перевести?

  • Не понимаю выделенный участок. Модели под вопросом? Имеется ли в виду то, что на самом деле эти люди, которые давали деньги, не являются моделями?

    So Tusk built an entire campaign solely to knock Weiner out of contention for the Democratic nomination. How? By making Weiner feel like the risk of standing was so great that he would simply quit.

    This entailed fighting dirty to make Weiner nervous about the scrutiny he’d face if he did run. The only legislation Weiner had passed was a bill giving more visas to models. Tusk’s research team found that Weiner had received donations from some of the models in question. This was not just pay-to-play – donating in return for favors – it was also illegal, as only US citizens can make donations. After a briefing from Tusk’s team, the New York Post ran a damaging story about “Weiner’s ‘Naughty’ Hottie$.

  • Фраза "in question" переводится как "о которых идет речь" или "рассматриваемых". Скорее всего идет речь о моделях из предыдущего предложения.