Не понимаю конструкцию предложения.

  • Помогите понять выделенное. Тут вообще грамматически верно?

    “Of course there’s still fun in WoW,” said Taliesin in a interview with Polygon at BlizzCon 2018. “Because we wouldn’t play otherwise. I mean, and that’s the thing, that’s why I don’t understand people who say they hate it and I actually kind of really pity people who clearly hate the game but their livings are tied to it in some way — maybe in some kind of creation — and so they have to do it and the way that they get through that is to be over the top down it. I like to think that even though our living is tied up quite heavily in it, if it wasn’t fun to play, I wouldn’t, I’d just do something else. We’d make some different videos and take a massive hit.”

  • hate it and I actually kind of really pity people-- они ненавидят это, а я, на самом деле (actually ) как бы (kind of) реально/по-настоящему (really ) жалею (pity) людей.