Проверьте на ошибки)

  • I would like the three-course chewing gum to be real. Having such a chew cutter is very convenient. For example, if you are late for work or school, you can eat a chewing gum on the way. Will there be enough one chewing gum to satisfy hunger and if it can replace regular food, I would be interested to know, try it on myself.

  • (Все хорошо, очень интересно.Will there be enough one chewing gum --тут надо прямой порядок и одно общее I wonder if chewing gum will help with hunger /nourish and can replace everyday food, I 'd like to try it myself.

  • Еще одно замечание -- они говорят chew a gum, not eat a gum. Удачи!)