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  • III. Delete the phrase, which is not applicable in the following statements.

    1. The MOST common cause of heat blisters developing on boiler generating tubes is due to waterside deposits/fireside deposits/low water level/insufficient water circulation

    2. In most marine boilers, the primary reason the first few rows of generating tubes, called screen or furnace row tubes, are made larger than the rest of the generating tubes is because they require more water flow since they are exposed to the greatest heat/they must screen the superheater from the direct radiant heat of the burners/they must act as downcomers to ensure proper circulation/their main function is to retard combustion gas flow for maximum heat transfer rates

    3. Which of the following actions should normally be taken during each watch when the auxiliary boiler is in operation? Clean all duplex oil strainers/Observe general boiler performance/Lift the safety valves by hand/Inspect and clean burner oil solenoid valves

    4. The concentration of total dissolved solids in the water of an auxiliary boiler can increase as a result of seawater contamination/frequent surface blows/dissolved oxygen deaeration/frequent bottom blows

    5. A firebox explosion in an automatically fired auxiliary boiler may be the result of excessive purging before lighting off/insufficient trail for ignition period/a faulty transformer in the ignition circuit/insufficient purging before lighting off

    IV. The words of these sentences are mixed up. Write the sentences correctly.

    Example: Placed ports are exhaust the cylinder on side.

    Answer: Exhaust ports are placed on the cylinder side.

    1. The position/ return/ the bends /of/ the elements/ of /in/ the tubes /smoke/ determines/ of/ superheat/ the degree /obtainable.

    2. The headers /are/ of/ cast /either/ steel/ or/ pressed-steel /are/ of/ rectangular/ section /forgings.

    3. A superheater/ one/ in /radiant/ is/ which/ the tubes /directly/ exposed /are/ to/ the furnace/ radiation.

    4. Main / generate/ steam/ for/ the engine/ main/ boilers/ that/ the propeller/ and /for /auxiliary /drives/ duties.

    5. In / the furnace/ the energy/ in/ chemical/ the fuel/ converted/ into/ is/ heat.

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