• II. Match up the words and definitions and translate them into Russian:
    1) to mediate;
    2) binding;
    3) to poise;
    4) impasse;
    5) to oversee;
    6) cooling off period;
    7) arbitration;
    8) to disrupt.
    a. to prevent a situation, event, system, etc. from working in the normal way;
    b. a period of time usually between 10 and 20 days, in which you can think about certain types
    of contract you have just signed and change your mind about entering into it;
    c. a point at which further movement or development is blocked;
    d. when a disagreement between an employer and employees is dealt with by independent
    officials who try to reach an agreement between both sides in order to prevent a strike or legal
    e. to hold or place in a carefully balanced position;
    f. to try to end an argument between two people or groups by talking to both sides and
    encouraging them to reach an agreement;
    g. to check that an activity is being performed honestly and legally;
    h. something that must be kept.

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    1) f (посредничать, содействовать)
    2) h (обязательство)
    3) e (уравновешивать)
    4) c (безвыходное положение, тупик)
    5) g (курировать, контролировать)
    6) b (период обдумывания и переговоров)
    7) d (арбитраж, третейский суд)
    8) a (прерывать, срывать)

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