Еще раз инфинитивы. Буду безумно благодарен.

  • Insert TO before the infinitive where necessary.
    1. It might _ be useful _ stop for a moment and discuss your decision _ leave again.
    2. This may _ be the task of a new, democratic government.
    3. How does it feel _ be famous?
    4. She bade him _ enter.
    5. I was the first _ notice that.
    6. If a new government emerges in Burma, it must _ work with leaders of the country's minorities.
    7. In a very simple format, the chart indicates where the problems are likely _ lie.
    8. I don't know the answer, I will have _ look it up.
    9. He was heard _ mention his mother's name several times.
    10. She daren't _ tell her father what happened.
    11. I had John _ find me the adress of the house.
    12. Would you rather _ go to the theatre or _ stay at home?
    13. You will never feel you know all there is _ known about a foreign country.
    14. If you don't _ do it willingly, I'll make you _ do it.
    15. I often hear them _ sign while they are working.
    16. She stepped aside as if _ let the young man _ have the flooor.

  • To не ставится после вспрмогательных,модальных make, let, help.