Помогите, пожалуйста (время и предлоги)

  • I. Choose the correct item.
    1. The company … to a new accounting system.
    a) currently changes b) is currently changing
    2. Our environmental officer … the opening speech at the conference.
    a) will make b) will be making
    3. The construction industry … a boom in the years following the war.
    a) experienced b) was experiencing

    III. Complete the sentences (1-10) with the
    most suitable preposition (a-j):
    a)on b) into c) for d) at e) up f)---- g) with h) along i) at j) to.
    1. Business etiquette is important people who have to make new
    2. The office closes
    3. They did a lot of research
    7 p.m.
    the British market.
    4. There is absolutely no way we can make a deal them.
    5. To get to the Marketing department, you have to go _ the corridor to the
    6. I last saw him the beginning of November.
    7. We have decided to take his offer.
    8. I spoke to her three weeks ago.
    9. I am quite happy to listen what you have to say.
    10. Some people dislike shopping the internet.