Образуйте с помощью суффиксов слова. Помогите пожалуйста.Голова уже не работает(

  • 1.Образуйте с помощью суффиксов слова

    Generate; relate; transmit; transform; receive; distant; consume; volt; differ.

    2.Определите видовременную форму глагола

    We have read the text about power transmission.

    It is very difficult to translate.

    The students are learning the new words.

    Au transformers worked well.

    An operator will examine this electric device.

    Branch lines distribute the power to various cities.

    Workers built the new power station some time ago.

    It generates the electrical energy.

  • 1 задание не надо

  • .Определите видовременную форму глагола
    have read present perfect active
    is present simple active
    are learning present continuous active
    worked past simple active
    will examine future simple active
    distribute present simple active
    built --past simple active
    generates present simple active