Помогите решить. Очень сложно. Уровень С1

  • Put the words in the correct order to make sentences. There may be more than one possible answer.
    1. the loud so with put I up music telephoned
    I couldn't_____the police
    2. detective team out her a investigation carried with
    The_____of scientists
    3. homework about stories losing up making his
    The student kept____
    4. him, to she off didn't decided her see she cousin like
    Even though_____at the station
    5. naughty, always little away but is he being brother gets
    My_____with it
    6. look my children evening for after I sister's her
    Every Friday______
    7. was everyone's checking yesterday around going homework
    The teacher_____
    8. was to off new her her showing all boots of friends
    My sister______
    9. pick she the arrives from when up Jane station tomorrow
    I will______

  • 9 I will pick up my sister Jane from the station when she arrives tomorrow.
    Переведите слова и составьте предложение, сначала уловив смысл по-русски.

  • 1. the loud so with put I up music telephoned
    I couldn't_____the police----I couldn't put up with (мириться с ) the loud music (громкой музыкой),, so(поэтому) telephoned (позвонил )the police.

  • 2. The detective carried out her investigation with a team of scientists.
    3. The student kept making up stories about losing his homework.
    4. Even though she didn't like him she decided to see her cousin off at the station.
    5. My little brother is always being naughty but he gets away with it.
    6. Every Friday evening i look after my sister's children for her.
    7. The teacher was going around yesterday checking everyone's homework.
    8. My sister was showing off her new boots to all of her friends.