проверить задание

  • Добрый день! ребята, кто сможет помочь исправить ошибки в задании??
    Нужно проверить правильность выполнения задания (определить видо-временную форму и залог глагола-сказуемого)
    ПЕРЕВОД не нужен
    1) Markets can be traced back in history to the earliest periods of mankind and have been rearranged over the centuries to fit changing economic conditions.
    - can be traced (Past Perfect Passive)
    - have been rearranged (Perfect Continuous Passive)
    - to fit (Present Simple Active)
    2) Only when the opposition is led by very wealthy men it has a reasonably good
    - chance of victory.
    - can be traced (Present Simple Passive)
    - it has (Present Simple Active)
    3) The maximum tax will be effectively reduced by more than 16 percent.
    - will be reduced (Future Simple Passive)
    4) All income, losses and deductions were carried directly to the individual tax return for each shareholder.
    - were carried (Past Simple Passive)

  • Кроме первого, все правильные вр втором is led pres simple passive

  • can be traced (Present simple Passive с модальным глаголом
    - have been rearranged (Present perfect passive