Past Perfect.

  • Закончите ситуации. Составьте предложения или части предложений из данных слов, употребляя глагол в форме Past Perfect.

    Пример : · She was very worried. (by midnight / her son / not / to return / yet) → By midnight her son hadn’t returned yet.

    1. They thought they were well-prepared for the exam. (to study / all the necessary material / by the end of the term)

    2. He was very fond of travelling. By the time he was thirty-five (to visit / 12 countries)

    3. They were a very happy couple. (to be married / for 10 years)

    4. There was nobody on the platform. (the train / already / to leave) when I arrived.

    5. I could hardly recognize her. (not / to see / each other / since 1990)

  • 1. They had studied all necessary material by the end of the term.
    2. He had visited 12 countries.
    3. They had been married for 10 years.
    4. The train had already left
    5. We had not seen each other since 1990.