• Буду признателен, если кто-нибудь посмотрит мою писанину на предмет ошибок. В этом году планирую сдать fce, а с writing совсем беда.

    Using computers and the internet develops important skills in young people.

    Increasingly, people start using computers and the internet. In my view, this
    skill is very important nowadays for three main reasons.

    Firstly, computers and the internet are essential part of education. It's difficult
    to find a school or an university where computers aren't presented. Therefore, the students who can work with computers have a chance to study more effectively.

    Secondly, sooner or later students and pupils will have to find a job. There is no need to say, that there are only few jobs which don't require a skill of working with computers.

    Thirdly, the internet can help young people to meet new people. The more people you know, the more useful information you can get.

    In conclusion, the ability to use computers and the internet is crucial in our society, in which even some kettles and fridges have access to the internet, and should be developed since childhood.