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    1. JULIA usually finishes her WORK AT SIX O'CLOCK
    2. Diana often meets THEM AT THE BUS STOP.
    3. MY cousin always gives me NICE presents for my birthday.
    4. THESE CHILDREN want to become MUSICIANS.
    5. The Pages often play GOLF IN THE GOLF-COURSE on Friday

  • who usually finishes her work at six o'clock?
    what does julia usually finish at six o'clock?
    when does julia usually finish her work?

    who does diana often meet at the bus stop?
    where does diana often meet them?

    whose cousin always gives me nice presents for my birthday?
    what presents does my cousin always give me for my birthday?

    Who wants to become musicians?
    What do these children want to become?

    What do the pages often play in the golf-course on friday?
    Where do the pages often play golf on friday?