• буду признателен если кто-нибудь посмотрит на предмет правильности перевода.

    В результате череды драматических событий, ответственность за которые целиком лежит на ней, Сара умерла.

    As a result of a series of the dramatic events, responsibility for those was entirely on her, Sara died.

    Все могло закончится, даже не начавшись.
    Everything could have finished before it even started.

    Смысл в том, что мы воспринимаем наших родителей, такими как они есть в старости, а не теми какие они были в молодости.
    The point is that we percieve our parents what they are in an old age not what they were in their young days.

  • 1. As a result of a series of dramatic events, for which she bore the whole responsibility, Sara died.
    2. ...could have ended...
    3.The point is that we look at our parents like they have always been old, not realizing that they were young once.

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  • Можно и так:

    The chain of dramatic events whose responsibilty was entirely her own resulted in sarah's death.

    Everything could have come to an end even before it ever began.

    The problem is that we uaually accept our parents as they are in their old age totally forgetting that they used to be young and looked quite differently/...rather than as they looked in their young days.